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Cheryl Kerr-  FL, USA

Patti Thomas- Virginia, USA

Jayne Harrower- CA, USA

Catherine Cloutier- British Columbia, Canada

Suzette van de Berg- South Africa

Christine Boulanger- Gauchy, France

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Sweetwater, TN, USA

The Gobble Family

Johnny Gobble, DVM- Has been breeding different species of plants and animals since he was fifteen. He has studied general genetics, population genetic dynamics, groups genetics and breeding genetics in college. He is a practicing veterinarian in Vonore, TN.

Brittney Gobble- Has had experience in raising puppies, kittens and exotic birds since she was very young. She is actively breeding Sphynx with focus on health and type from extensive outcrossing. She exhibits her cats at TICA shows, always looking to improve the breed and in 2012 was voted in as one of the 5 TICA Sphynx Breed Committee members. Her passion is pet photography.